what do you need when you turn 40?

Was the question I kept asking myself for a friend whose party was around the corner.  In my mind I was thinking practical yet pretty. She recently told me she had started knitting and the first thing that came to my mind was a tote. The next decision was the choice of fabrics. Here is the outside of tote assembled, the darker fabric was getting ready to be morphed into the lining.


After a few trials and errors of ripping a seam out here and there, the tote was finished:


I used interfacing on the exterior fabric for a bit more durability.  The tote has a light weight batting and to make things secure I stitched in the ditch.  I love the fancy vintage button that I thrifted recently and the tote was perfect project and reason to use it.  I top stitched the handles, which incidentally also have interfacing and light batting, with a cute stith from my machine.  It takes tons of thread, but really makes things pretty.

Tote_vintage_button   Tote_fancy_stitching

I lined the bag with the same wine colored fabric as the handles.


I think I feel inspired to pick up a book or two on bag making. 


  1. Tamara, That's one cute bag. Beyond my sewing skills.

  2. That was a great gift for S! The pannels are also the size of my quilt "squares". I'm getting close to finishing it. I'm near the end stretch. I get distracted so easily though


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