I made a smock, well actually three smocks out of the lime green, green, green fabric from a couple of posts back. It's amazing how many completed projects one can squeeze out of itsy bitsy fabric. That would also explain why I have a terribly hard time throwing out any small bits of fabric.


They turned out really cute. They are open on the sides but have ties to keep them closed. I added two pockets which the girls love to carry crayons in.  I just barely managed to get a photo of Miss A wearing hers. I prefer taking photos of them in a more natural pose, when they are busy doing what it is that they do. However Miss A had other ideas, she kept trying to "pose," but couldn't seem to hold still long enough for that so the picture is blurry. Ah well, such is life.


  1. Oh, that is so adorable!! Nice bright spring green - very cheery!

  2. It looks great! Love the idea of sewing, but it's been so long for me ...

  3. Monica maybe in a different world or time space you would find the time, but I think your hands are plenty full for the moment.


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