fusion fridays

Fusion poster Feb 8

My hubby has been organizing an event in our city called Fusion.  It's an evening of live entertainment to raise money for war affected children in Northern Uganda.  The date of the event is March 7th.  In the interest of raising awareness and letting the local crowd know about the event I'll be leaving this post up over the weekend and re-posting it next Friday as well.  If you have the time come on out and support a great cause.  Live bands are Quinzy, The Shouting Ground and an acoustic performance by my hubby and his band mate Brian of Why.  You can find out more information here with a poster available for download.  Hope to see you there! 


I love moments like these, not instigated by me, completely on their own initiative.

he teaches

The B-meister is teaching Miss A a bit of math and counting.  She responds on cue, ready and willing.  He is patient to see her through.   

she learns

It's a win, win for both and it makes my job as a home educating mum so much easier.  Fills my heart to the brim with warm fuzzies.



You know when you just have to have it?

broccoli quiche.

The idea pops in your head when plans, that involved spending the day outdoors were quickly thwarted by spew throw up from a couple of sick kids, suddenly change.  So it goes.  You head to the kitchen instinctively gathering items together to satisfy your pallet's cravings, saying a quick prayer that the recipe in question is not still packed in a box.  Yes, we have lived in this house for 7 months now and there are still a great many boxes unpacked - don't go there.    Ah, thank goodness it isn't in a box.  But something is still missing?!

broccoli quiche

Can't cook without it these days.  It's become a good friend.  Fills those long waits while the kids are in dance class, music lessons, film class, etc.  Also helps to quiet the kid house noise during a long winter.  Can't say enough either about the whole podcast-on-the-go thing, love it! 

broccoli quiche..

As for the quiche, it was rich in broccoli, mushrooms, kale & onions and oh so delicious, so much so a repeat was ordered the next day.  Yum!


day 10

king of the world..

Thank you for visiting, I'll be back on Tuesday. xoxo


day 9

canadian flag

*sorry, we had a bit of the flu pass through a couple of the kids yesterday so this post is a bit late.


day 8

ice sculpture.

day 7

sleigh ride


day 6



day 5

tee pee


day 4

portage any one?

snow sculpture.


day 3


day 2

love shack


day 1 : I walked on water

Really I did.  Okay, well maybe it was frozen water, but still...

walking on water

Normally we don't think about it too much that we are actually standing on a great big body of water but this time we did.  It happened while under a bridge, where the snow fall couldn't quite reach, when we were startled by the presence of ice.   It was a bizarre reaction, the girls were instantly terrified, the boys thought it was cool like an endless black hole and I admit to feeling nervous while thoughts of the scene in Journey to the Centre of the Earth filled my head.  They were all standing on a glass like surface before it broke and then all went plummeting to their doom, okay a bit dramatic I know.  So what was the difference?  I mean all along we were walking on the river, but I guess as long as we were contented in knowing it was snow covered, the world was fine.  As you can imagine we didn't spend too much time standing around contemplating how strong the ice was before we went on our merry way back to the snow covered path...back to safety ;)

walking on water.

The path I'm speaking of by the way is the Assiniboine River Trail that now measures over 9 km long.   Last year this path made the Guinness book of world records for being the longest skating trail.   That's quite a feat and a testament to how frigid it really is here.  Cold or not the party must go on and tomorrow kicks off the big winter festival in our parts and this year we plan on taking in some of the celebrations: sledding, sleigh rides and snow taffy.  I have to ward off the old February funk in a more constructive way than doritos, so for the next 10 days I'll be mixing things up a bit with photos from outdoors.  You are more than welcome to join with me on your blog or at the festival.  Salut!




The project is coming along.  I'm all done piecing, assembling, quilting and am ready to complete the binding.  Should be more relaxing then the piecing, which required some creative puzzle skills and thought.  I'll be tackling the binding over the weekend at work.  Gotta love a job that lets you take your craft along for slow times.


Can you figure out what's wrong in that picture (besides lighting - that's a different story, let's just blame for the moment February)?  Obviously I didn't give enough thought there or I'm a bit behind or ahead depending on your perspective. 


a wee bit'o play

a wee bit o' play

I spent some time over the weekend cutting into my American Jane fabric stash.  Appropriately named "wee play" this fabric is a throw back to days gone by.  Can I just say how much I love reproduction prints?  The quaint prints drum up visions of radio flyers, penny candies, playing by the fire hydrant and all things summer fabulous.  Completely therapeutic.

so many squares, so little time

I have been saving my pile of fat quarters for a day when my studio was complete but like a kid in a candy store I just couldn't wait any longer.  With rotary blade in hand I went to task cutting many little squares for my little self indulgent project that you are getting just a peak of.  I making steady progress, but as you can tell have a long way to go.  Sew many squares, so little time.


on the sticks

A bit of an eager beaver I know, but right now I'm knitting up some sprung spring socks for the girls' easter baskets.


It's the first time I've used Patons stretch socks yarn and with 7 % elastic in the mix there is a whole lot of boing.   I love the way these socks are turning out, they are light weight and airy, just the way a sock should feel after the wool season.

in anticipation of spring

One pair down and I've already cast on the second pair.  You know, twins ;)



delinquent i am
sam i am.

packaged and on the way out

I am finally mailing out gifts to friends whose babies are now 9 months and 5 months.   shameful isn't it?

just a peak

You can stop holding your breath now dear friends.

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