The project is coming along.  I'm all done piecing, assembling, quilting and am ready to complete the binding.  Should be more relaxing then the piecing, which required some creative puzzle skills and thought.  I'll be tackling the binding over the weekend at work.  Gotta love a job that lets you take your craft along for slow times.


Can you figure out what's wrong in that picture (besides lighting - that's a different story, let's just blame for the moment February)?  Obviously I didn't give enough thought there or I'm a bit behind or ahead depending on your perspective. 


  1. I believe you must be Super Mom!! Wish I had half your talent ( well, actually I would like to have it all)

  2. Thanks for your kinds words Jackie. Creating is a necessity when the cold sets in and for so very long...

  3. oops. oh well. :)
    can i ask what kind of rotary cutter you have? i have a crafting room now, and i want to start adding tools!


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