oh my

Our winter just abruptly ended and I do think my dreams of warmer days have now been realized. It's beautifully mucky & dirty all about and the snow has been melting at lightening speed. Hard to believe we had a tobaggan run in our back yard last week. It's all brown grass, wetness & doggy-do back there today.

spring finds

Decidedly my favourite part of spring is the awakening... nature, the return of our friends and the daily treks outside by the kids finding new treasures are all a lovely pace from winter's long sleep. When the girls were outside earlier today they happened upon a discarded bird's nest. It probably fell out of the tree, a left over reminder of last year. Amazing how those little mumma bird's make up their nest in anticipation of little birdies, so complete & perfectly suited for their needs.  I feel as though I've been nesting for the past few years - making our home complete & suitable for our needs - and the results, like the birdie nest, are lovely & durable. But I'm ready for a change and just like a mumma bird I am filled with anticipation for a new adventure. Here's hoping I'll be brave enough to follow through.

Happy Friday, xo.