...at my favourite thrift spot. It was sitting alone on the shelf - waiting to be loved. I thought it was too good to be true, surely it had to have a crack or something right? Nope not a scratch.

vintage puppy clock


It didn't even dawn on me to check to see if the clock actually worked until I got home. I wound it up and it began it's happily tick-tocking, which continues in my studio right now. It even has a functioning alarm but the little gold button that shuts the alarm off, is missing. No problem, until I find the replacement part, my paper clip is doing a fine job of keeping the alarm quiet.


I had the intention of putting this darling puppy clock in the girls' room when I finish decorating it, but I'm too enamoured right now to think about it so in my studio vintage puppy clock will stay. Safely on the shelf... sweet thrifted goodness.

close up



she wanted braids


a top

and i obliged her...how could I not? 


that crazy, bundle of sweetness. 



wip: block number 2

The second block in the free piece study was the good ol' log cabin.


Wonky and fun, I couldn't resist doing a little fussy cut to make sure that sweet little ghost is looking out the window. In hindsight it would have been cooler if he was just peeking out the window but that just dawned on me now while I type this and I don't think I will be picking stitches at this stage. Besides, learning to make it and appreciate the way it turns out seems to be a part of the process, you know letting the art-form take it's course.

ghostly log cabin

I should get back at it, more blocks to be done. Happy Monday all, xxx.


go team go!

team mate

Our indoor soccer season to came to an end on Wednesday evening. Ben, also known as the B-meister, (yes I've admitted his real name on the internet now that my hubby's last movie announced all the kids' names in the credits thus making aliases a moot point) played indoor soccer all winter long. The season lasts October to March and they went all the way to the b-side finals, yay!

he's like the wind

I wanted to make the day a little extra special and so cookies were in order for him and his team. We made sugar cookies and decorated them like soccer balls. Don't look to closely as my icing talents are not on par with martha & the like.  I need a lot more practice and while that is a good idea, it is not so good when watching your waist line - cookies with yummy icing need to be eaten afterall.

soccer cookies


As for the game, I'm really proud of my soccer boy, he has improved so much over the year. He played a good game and even scored the final goal of the season. Congratulations Ben!

one for the memories;


free piecing study

I've been settling in my new studio space for the past couple of weeks and couldn't wait to start on a quilting project. It's not that I don't already have a few neglected projects from the past couple of years, I just needed wanted something fresh.


Sarah from House of Krom, blogger, flickr friend & fellow homeschooler had just the new project to tantalize my senses and get me started on the right foot. She is doing a free piecing study for the first 10 months of 2011 with another blogger Molly. Free piecing is a part of the liberated quiltmaking process of which I am a huge fan. You can check out Sarah's blog post here for some information links.

mondo bird

I am joining late but I don't think it matters too much as you work at your own pace. I'm also taking on a theme for this study: halloween. I've always wanted to make a halloween quilt but seem to run out of time nearing fall. By starting early I just may just finish in time ;)  In the first month (January) they started with the mondo bird. In my block I was thinking of a black bird and I really like how the black, white & yellow play up the mondo bird. Gives it that wee bit'o creepy/cuteness - terrifying isn't it?

It isn't too late to join, there are no sign ups, just come play along and as always upload your photos to the flickr group here.  Yay!


february 365

So okay, just off the top, taking photos for my 365 project are apparently much easier than uploading them (I'm hoping that I won't be this tardy for march). In the meantime here is a mosaic of february images and as always you can find the rest of my photos here.

My creation;

In other news you might want to return in the next day, or so, because I dusted off my sewing machine and... well, you'll just have to check back to see what I'm working on.

Happy Monday, xxx



just like the title says:

Studio shelves

a glimpse of my studio shelving filled with fabric. I've been making the move over to the newly renovated studio. It's been a long time waiting and a lot of work unpacking of boxes that have been home to my supplies for the past 3 years! It feels good to finally put my roots stuff away and have a dedicated space to call my own.  

I am a happy girl.    


rainbows are for everyone

St pattys day....

A leprechaun visited the house while the children slept...

St pattys day

St pattys day...

St pattys day..

... he left behind pot a gold at the end of a rainbow ♥  ♥  ♥

I hope you find a pot of gold somewhere today.

Happy St. Patrick's day!


family movie

Every once in a while the hubby takes a weekend off from renovations and creates a little movie memory with the kids. Without further ado... "Magic Land"  Enjoy!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWwd02wi9k8&w=470&h=300]

Have a great day!


critters & cuteness

felt kit gang

I worked on a felt kit over the Christmas break which has me completely smitten with the outcome.  I realize that Christmas is over and talking about ornaments in March can be a little un-nerving, but bare with me as I indulge this little christmas crafting. And besides have you ever seen a cuter bunch of characters? How could I not work on this kit year round.


The kit is made by Bucilla and called Woodland Santa, it has since been retired but I'm sure if you look on ebay you should be able to find a kit.  At first glance when I opened the kit, it took a bit for me to get my mind around the instructions.  I'd say reading the instructions are just-a-bit-easier than a japanese sewing pattern.  With perseverance and an undying commitment to the uber-cute creatures, I pressed on and managed to get a grip on things. I am a crafter after all.


I started with the bear who seemed simple enough - same colour felt throughout has to be straight forward. Next up was the bunny - oh so sweet and then the toy soldier who was a little more challenging with his fancy uniform. 


I discovered a couple of things while embroidering:

1. don't cut too many pieces at once or it will whisk you into a fury of searching when pieces turn up missing.  Only to find that said missing pieces are stuck to your sweater - felt, right?

2. keep a few zip lock bags (or similar) on hand to keep cut pieces separate - don't forget to mark the bags.

3. create a thread pallet to keep all the threads organized and untangled.

4. entry level reading glasses may or may not be required for magnification when working with tiny little stitches and bead work - ahem.

and finally

5. kind of attached to the last point: good lighting is a must - need I say more?

bunny ♥

The last felt kit I completed was a stocking, pre-twins era, for my mum.  This will be good practice for me since along with the felt ornaments I purchase the woodland santa stocking kit for mr. duckyhouse, but shh don't tell him because it's a secret. and secrets I'm good at.

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