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Studio shelves

a glimpse of my studio shelving filled with fabric. I've been making the move over to the newly renovated studio. It's been a long time waiting and a lot of work unpacking of boxes that have been home to my supplies for the past 3 years! It feels good to finally put my roots stuff away and have a dedicated space to call my own.  

I am a happy girl.    


  1. yeah, it is so nice to have a little corner all my own...though I think I would trade it in for the sweet little baby boy of yours. ♥

  2. THAT is pretty impressive! I have always wondered how one gets that really equal look when fabric pieces vary in size? Looks amazing!

  3. If the fabric isn't too big (as in yardage) i will use my rotary cutting rulers that is 6 inches wide as a guide. This gets pretty tedious though and after awhile I just eyeball it.
    Also, this time around I arranged the fabric in colour instead of sets, which has been extremely helpful for quilting. I also learned that red is terribly under-respresented in my stash...and I love red!


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