My two loves of early and late.

Every morning starts with this latte mug filled with coffee.  One of 4 now sitting in my cupboard.  I would have loved a couple more, I do love my hot beverages, but the shop I picked them up at only had the 4 in stock.  Other good morning starts involve sparing a few moments of calm with the sticks.  Knitting.  Always relaxing and oh so portable.

two loves

How was your weekend?  Ours was full: wedding, electrical wiring a room, extra kids over for play dates and then it all ended with a relaxing evening spent on the couch watching Bones with more knitting and more hot beverages.  Which brings us full circle.  Happy Monday, xoxo


I get around


I abandoned all effort at sewing last week.  You have to actually stay home to do that sort of thing.  We're on the run it seems and all paths lead away from the house.  The construction that was started recently is getting really loud.  The kind of loud that you can't simply close a door to soften.

children's museum

Hammers, saws and compressors can give you quite the headache in the early hours of the morning and I've learned that coffee is not always able to set the world in order, nor is staying home to see if the pounding headache will alleviate while the pounding goes on.

kinestetic pleasures

So it goes and so do we.  We are adventuring ourselves out the door each day making the most of our fab winter weather for a little time outdoors and even some inside, like our local children's museum. Where all things play is a social expectation.


Oh and if I run into you out and about I'll be that mumma with 4 kids, coffee and camera in tow, probably humming that tune...you know "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?  everywhere you go?".  It really is you know.


Now try and get that song out of your head, it's stuck in mine.


still:: playing

For today I thought I would join in on the fun over at flickr


A regular part of our day, the boys have played with this toy ever since it first appeared in our house many years ago.  They prefer the large size to the smaller more technical pieces:  "builds up quicker and bigger".


Have a fabulous day chocked full of still moments.  xoxo


is it just me?

Or are you feeling tired this month too?  I don't know what is going on with my body right now, maybe it is the season change and cold weather that is lulling me into hibernation.  I feel tired earlier in the evening, I fall asleep while knitting, I'm yawning all the time and I have grown exceptionally dependent on coffee.  I should probably just go with it and just sleep more, always a good thing.  It's just not so great on those late night crafting adventures.

corduroy wip....

I really need to finish sewing this corduroy loveliness.  It's been waiting long enough!  When I purchased this fabric it was priced as clearance, in an already clearance section, that was about 10 years ago.

corduroy wip.

I almost gave it all away a few years ago before the girls arrived but wondered if I should
keep it 'in case'.  You know in case I had to make a little soft cuddly outfit or two for some girlie. Enter today, I have the girlie (or two) and I still have the fabric.

corduroy wip..

Now my only problem is energy, I just need to stay awake long enough...or make lots of coffee!  Have a lovely day.


work of a different sort

{{ picture below is from our realtor's website, of the family room before we purchased the house.}}

a character-less wonder


:: taking out the old, dark, brick fireplace facing: great idea.

thank god for big muscles

:: seeing dust go throughout the house at demolition time: not so great.

:: doing a major basement renovation 5 weeks before Christmas: crazy

bye bye ugly dark brown brick

:: hiring Aldo, the trusty home reno guy, to do the work: priceless


scenes from the day and into the night

How was your day? 

reminds me of christmas

ours involved a bit of organizing, which was happily interrupted for some winter fun. 


snow man making is the best when the snow is just right. 


sticky and wet.

so many feet

loads of fun for mumma and kids.


Lately the hubby and I have been taking evening walks after the kidlets head to bed.  We used to do this a fair amount before the girls arrived, when the boys were small.  It's an ideal time for us knowing that the children are safe and (almost all) snuggled in their beds while grandma keeps watch.  I love that we are rekindling familiar ways that allow us time for each other, time to connect.  

More than that I love that how the walk allows me to release the events of the day, both good and bad. 
At home it can be hard to finish a thought let alone a complete sentence, especially when 4 little people, so full of life and excitement, have so much to share.  

I am looking forward to sneaking out tonight for our evening stroll.  I'll be bundled warm while the brisk air wakens my mind, loosens my tongue and I revel in the safety of being with my best friend. 


wip the Juan scarf

I cracked open my Mirasol collection book to work on this scarf pattern.

hacho yellow browns..

I'm fairly certain this yarn, with shades of brown, green, yellow & muted orange, will go lovely with my brown winter jacket.  I have enough to complete a scarf, hat and perhaps even some fingerless gloves.  The only problem is I'm not enjoying the stitch in this pattern so the knitting is going excruciatingly slow.  The stitches are primarily a switch between knit and purl at different intervals over 12 rows.  

hacho the "juan scarf"

I can't quite figure out what it is about this pattern because it works up in a nice diagonal.   Perhaps it's just a case of stitch boredom?  I hate to put it that way as I'm still a long way off from the end.  I need some fresh love for "Juan" so that I can get this scarf done before winter ends.

Today is Remembrance Day here so the hubby is off work and we are heading to a family gathering to celebrate a few fall birthdays.  I'll take Juan with me and see if I can knock a few more rows off this evening.  Have a lovely day.  xoxo


f-all gone

The last of my fall photos to keep us warm as we settle into a new season of cold and, I can hardly say it, snow.  Oh how I am going to miss the warm days and being outside without layers of clothing to keep me warm.  Thank you mr. fall for staying so long and giving us so many wonderful colorful days, please do come again. 

fall days

I can't think of a better way to welcome in a season change than to have a party.  Coincidentally, we are hosting a few be-lated birthday celebrations tonight with a dinner & cake for my patient children; Miss A & Miss J who turned 4 in September and the J-man who is now 11.  

fall leaves

I'll be baking cakes and cooking all day so I should hardly notice the blanket of snow that is predicted to fall from the heavens today.  Until I have to shovel a path on our driveway for our guests tonight.  Hmm, maybe I can delegate mr. duckyhouse to do that?  Smart plan, very smart.  He shouldn't mind, I've been cracking the whip all week.  I'm
glad his skin is thick because he still loves me after I'm bossy with him.

doggie, I love

Here's another guy who loves me: my pooch, he needs a hair cut big time but beyond that I love my cute and furry, faithful friend.  

Stay safe and warm.   Happy weekend.  xoxo


story time

November is here but before we get to far ahead of ourselves let me tell you a story about the last day of October. I went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather just before Halloween started and I stumbled upon this sight in my tree


Not as timid as I thought, this owl didn't scare while I snapped a quick picture. I didn't want to push the big guy too far though after I saw the size of his talons...

owl talons

I slowly backed away when I spotted this very large, short necked Canadian Goose:


When he realized that I was approaching he quickly headed for a safe spot away from me, in water.


I sure hope he migrates soon, I hear snow is coming.  I certainly love all the nature in my back yard! On my way back to the house I must have slipped and hit my head because when I awoke it was like being in a story book. There were princesses everywhere. I admit I felt slightly intimidated by their presence but they did agree to stop for a picture as long as it didn't take too long.  So gracious.


As soon as I snapped the picture one of them took off like she was playing a part in the movie Runaway Bride, quick on her feet is she.

runaway beauty

As for princess blue, she took a more thoughtful stance admiring the leaves.


Yes indeed there certainly was a motley crew of individuals in my backyard that magical
evening. I'm glad I have the pictures to prove it because it still feels like one crazy

motley crew

~~ The End ~~

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