story time

November is here but before we get to far ahead of ourselves let me tell you a story about the last day of October. I went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather just before Halloween started and I stumbled upon this sight in my tree


Not as timid as I thought, this owl didn't scare while I snapped a quick picture. I didn't want to push the big guy too far though after I saw the size of his talons...

owl talons

I slowly backed away when I spotted this very large, short necked Canadian Goose:


When he realized that I was approaching he quickly headed for a safe spot away from me, in water.


I sure hope he migrates soon, I hear snow is coming.  I certainly love all the nature in my back yard! On my way back to the house I must have slipped and hit my head because when I awoke it was like being in a story book. There were princesses everywhere. I admit I felt slightly intimidated by their presence but they did agree to stop for a picture as long as it didn't take too long.  So gracious.


As soon as I snapped the picture one of them took off like she was playing a part in the movie Runaway Bride, quick on her feet is she.

runaway beauty

As for princess blue, she took a more thoughtful stance admiring the leaves.


Yes indeed there certainly was a motley crew of individuals in my backyard that magical
evening. I'm glad I have the pictures to prove it because it still feels like one crazy

motley crew

~~ The End ~~


  1. oh my goodness... those are fantastic. did you do the girls' dresses too??? i am seriously in awe, woman.

  2. Great costume!!! You are amazing!!

  3. Jen, no I didn't make the girls' costumes, Costco helped greatly in that department. I specialize in the bizarre/hard to find costumes ;)


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