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I abandoned all effort at sewing last week.  You have to actually stay home to do that sort of thing.  We're on the run it seems and all paths lead away from the house.  The construction that was started recently is getting really loud.  The kind of loud that you can't simply close a door to soften.

children's museum

Hammers, saws and compressors can give you quite the headache in the early hours of the morning and I've learned that coffee is not always able to set the world in order, nor is staying home to see if the pounding headache will alleviate while the pounding goes on.

kinestetic pleasures

So it goes and so do we.  We are adventuring ourselves out the door each day making the most of our fab winter weather for a little time outdoors and even some inside, like our local children's museum. Where all things play is a social expectation.


Oh and if I run into you out and about I'll be that mumma with 4 kids, coffee and camera in tow, probably humming that tune...you know "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?  everywhere you go?".  It really is you know.


Now try and get that song out of your head, it's stuck in mine.

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