is it just me?

Or are you feeling tired this month too?  I don't know what is going on with my body right now, maybe it is the season change and cold weather that is lulling me into hibernation.  I feel tired earlier in the evening, I fall asleep while knitting, I'm yawning all the time and I have grown exceptionally dependent on coffee.  I should probably just go with it and just sleep more, always a good thing.  It's just not so great on those late night crafting adventures.

corduroy wip....

I really need to finish sewing this corduroy loveliness.  It's been waiting long enough!  When I purchased this fabric it was priced as clearance, in an already clearance section, that was about 10 years ago.

corduroy wip.

I almost gave it all away a few years ago before the girls arrived but wondered if I should
keep it 'in case'.  You know in case I had to make a little soft cuddly outfit or two for some girlie. Enter today, I have the girlie (or two) and I still have the fabric.

corduroy wip..

Now my only problem is energy, I just need to stay awake long enough...or make lots of coffee!  Have a lovely day.

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