in my corner...

...summer is officially here and that means so many, many good things:

...the weather is giving us beautiful warm days of sunshine sprinkled in with overcast days of shade and even a sprinkling or two of rain.


...our friends have returned and they have brought with them new little ones to love and admire.

mumma goose

mumma & baby goose


...our school year is ending today and now we turn our attention to some serious outside play - bring it on!


...the garden has been planted and the veggies are growing, the flower pots are blooming and green is always our favourite colour.


...soccer season has ended for the summer, bike riding is a daily occurrence, we've made one trip to emergency so far and popsicles continue to make an appearance in the grocery cart.


...I am excited that mr. duckyhouse will officially be on holidays for almost all of July in which we will soak up his goodness with lots of play, beaching, day trips, and yes even some more renovations.

me & mr. duckyhouse


...I am picking up my camera again after a couple difficult months and realizing that it is through the lens that I am inspired to live a more grateful life.


...hoping your corner is filled with grateful memories too!