I tried to write a post or two during the holiday season to keep you updated on our goings on.  It didn't happen and now I find myself on New Years Eve, attempting again, what has not yet come to me the past couple of weeks.  It's not that we haven't had a festive Christmas or plenty to gab about; it's not that I didn't spend the majority of December making, making, making and could post about that too; but for now I just feel quiet and reflective.  It's fitting really, New Years Eve is always a time of introspection for me.  Making peace with all things done and praying for grace for the year ahead. 

generations - bisavô (great grandfather)

Tonight especially we need that grace. A very dear man, my husband's grandfather passed away this afternoon suddenly.  Instead of planning for a new year, the family gathered together at the hospital to say goodbye to this beloved man.  He was a gentle soul with a tender spot for his family and he loved all
of us, that I am sure of.  You never had to wonder how grandpa felt on
that level because he so readily told you every time he saw you. At our last family gathering together my camera found his gentle face and made a point of memorizing it's lines and shape, not that it needed to ... because his memory is forever etched in my heart.  Grandpa you will be missed and always loved. xxx


we are BIG fans

mr. grinch

and it just isn't Christmas without a few rounds of whoville-opoly


you're a mean one

he's a mean one...that mr. grinch!


things I'm learning

Things are quiet here, mostly I don't have much to say.  My hands have been busy doing the talking lately as has my brain.  They have been conspiring together on how to finish, or at least cross off a big chunk of the renovation list.  They both agree that taking on too much before Christmas is not such a good idea.  So instead of doing too much we settled on painting the living room/dining room walls (twice in one week, since I wasn't totally happy with the first result - the hubby's a really good sport) to liven things up a bit. 

feeling green

Next we thought it would be good karma to make sure said living and dining room had baseboards & trim since they haven't had any since we have lived in this house - that's been since July 2008.  Today I hope to be sanding and priming said baseboards because the wee ones keep bugging reminding me to put up the tree and eek it's the 8th of December and I haven't started decorating yet. I'm not stressed, really.  Since living in this house I've learned that everything will happen in good time.  My previous "let's do it now" attitude has been shuffled aside in favor of sanity.  Though one may question the sanity of painting before Christmas??  ah, contradictions.


When we purchased in this house we saw a glimpse of what we could make it with lots of patience, thought and love - ingredients that with each step make this house a home.  Most days I feel we are making progress, albeit slow, but still progress.  There are a lot of parallels between renovations and raising kids, you start with a dream and then with a lots of hard work, over a long period of time you see things come together.  Most days I work steady on something and I can't help but think that there is something esoteric that I am building here...that I don't even fully understand but it will reveal itself one day. At least that's my hope. 

Happy Tuesday from my home to yours. xxx


parties and things

Well hello folks and friends! I've been laying low the past few days catching making up for my recent sewing spurt which left the kidlets wanting and the laundry piling. I love a good sew fest however all good things must come to an end, even if that end is temporary - I do have Christmas sewing that needs to be done, but I'm saving that for next week.


The weekend went off without a hitch.  It started with an artisan sale that I participated in with a couple of friends.  The venue was cozy and festive and there were so many talented artists and creative people all about the place. The business of the day was carried on admist the chit chat, new friends were made and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces.  A good experience all around.



sister and son

After the day's events I went home tuckered but quickly rejuvenated by the party preparation needing to be done to celebrate the J-man's 12th birthday!  I can hardly believe my boy is 12 now.  It seems like such a milestone. Indeed.



And so we celebrated him.  All of him.  And we continue to do so.  J-man you are wonderfully sensitive, a kind soul.  You are full of imagination, creativity, caring and the perfect big brother for this crew.  Your patience and thoughtfulness are admirable and I love you to pieces.  I'm so glad to have you a part of my life.  Happy 12th Birthday son.


Thank you friends and family for making my weekend so full of fun and love.  xxx

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