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It's that time again, the banner change over.  Feels refreshing to switch out.  Almost as refreshing as it was to head out of town yesterday.  We didn't go terribly far, just a quick 30 minute drive to a little town where my mum grew up.  She hadn't been there in a long while and really wanted to see her old stomping grounds.


The town has changed dramatically.  It has become somewhat of a bedroom community for those who want to escape the city atmosphere.  In my mum's day, the town was small and quaint.  School was a one room affair and kids were happy to play with sticks, rocks and mud.  Okay, maybe the occasional flour sack doll too.  On one hand my mum lived in simpler days but there were also so many difficulties and hardships during the 30's and 40's I'm not sure I would readily trade places. 

rock climbing, kid style

The houses of old are long gone with only a few historical buildings
standing.  Much of the surrounding land is farming and double lane highways.  The town, once a major limestone producer, closed down it's quarry operation in 1967.  My grandfather used to work in the quarry and wish I had some stories to draw from because I always imagine Fred Flintstone in my head when I think of him working. 


They preserved the quarry and made it into a park which is where we wandered around for part of the day before returning home.  I enjoyed the afternoon listening to my mum recall memories of her childhood, even the sad memories, for they are all a part of her.  I'm happy that my kids were able to see where she spent her younger years too.   

view of the quarry lake

Oh and meet my mum.   She goes by the name of Nama to my kids.  She's still a simple girl who has often been under appreciated by me.  I'm
sure I don't say enough "thank you's" and "I appreciate you". 
But I do mum.  I really do.  You are a blessing to me and I love you
very much, everyday.  xoxo



vintage appreciation

Over the past year I've been collecting vintage cotton sheets from thrift stores.  These little gems are hard to come by but each time I find one I bring it home.   I'm not sure what got me started on the idea of collecting them in the first place.  Perhaps it
was knowing that each sheet represented limited possibilities: experimental fabric; summer tops, outfits and accessories for the girls, a chance to
make what was once old, new; and maybe even a quilt or two.


The idea re-purposing isn't a new one and now with recession talk, being frugal is the new trend.  Let's also not forget the green aspect either.  Purchasing thrifted goodies keeps those items from otherwise ending up in a landfill.  Yes, more garbage is not what this earth needs, I'm sure of that one.  And while all of these reasons are wonderful and valid, mostly I think purchased the sheets because they were lovely, reminding me of childhood years gone by.  They may have even spoke to me, gently prodding me to take them home.  Does fabric do that to you too?


So the other day I pulled a few of my lovelies out of the cabinet and armed with rotary cutter I made a dent in my stash.  I cut and cut, until I had a pile of triangles.  Quilting was on my mind.  This quilt in particular, though my version is not going to be queen size no, I'm starting small with two quilts.  Just big enough for one person, or a few little people, or a picnic blanket...well, you get the picture.


I wish I had a lovely photo of the top pieced but as you can see the wind was not very cooperative.  I'll try to get another photo before the basting and machine quilting if I can convince my two little helpers to give me a hand.  They were all giggles trying to hold that quilt still.  Can't blame them though, it was comical.



they're here!

Thank you everyone who took the time to comment and email me about my last post.  I am learning to be gentle with myself over my short comings, even if they are self prescribed.  I feel like we are making headway in the right direction and that gives my heart and mind peace. 

what you hiding mumma?

To our excitement we had some visitors last week to our yard.  They had been strangely absent for the past few weeks, stopping by only once in a while.  They finally returned more regularly, but this time they weren't alone...

moe, curly and larry

They brought their babies.  Ack!  Is there anything cuter than a gosling?  Well, I'm sure there is but for us, we are smitten, completely.  I want so bad to pick up those cute little babies.  Umm yeah, if you know anything about geese, well that isn't going to happen.  Not with the way those proud parents watch over them.  I can't blame them, that parental instinct is pretty strong in both humans and animals alike.  We will have to be contented to watch and observe them as they make their way through the growing stages.  

they're here!

It's a wonderful thing to experience this beauty right in our own backyard.  A gift to all of us indeed.  Happy Monday, xoxo


s l o w me down

We were out for a walk yesterday to a familiar place we like to go, all of us, including the hubby.  It feels like it has been so long since we have done such simple pleasures together.  If I can say it plainly, it has been one heck of a year.  I feel tired.  Drained.  The winter was longer and colder than usual.  The move, the renovation, the husband's crazy, long work schedule.  All contributing factors.   Add to it all 4 children, home, all of the time.  I would be lying if I told you that it didn't cross my mind a number of times this past year month week to give in and send my kids to school.  After all, most kids go to school and they are sent by parents who love them very much.   We never planned to home school them forever.  We always said "one year at a time".  It provided us with relief for the anxiety of a long term commitment and it gave an answer to those questions that one gets asked when they choose the home education option.


I know home educating raises an eyebrow or two.  People can't quite
figure out why if there is already a system out there that is willing
to educate your children why not avail yourself of it. But it isn't
about what's easier for us.  It isn't about what is harder either. 
It's just a choice, a preference if you will.  I like having my
children close.  They are growing up so very quickly and soon enough
they will be living their own life apart from us.  I don't want to rush
that happening any faster than it will actually occur.


Now that it's May, our home school year is almost over and the discussion of education for the fall becomes a regular topic around the dinner table.  Everyone put their ideas forward while much later, after the children have gone to bed, the hubby and I continue our talk into the evening where we can converse freely and uninterrupted.  We re-evaluate our reasons for why we home educate and invariably our parenting philosophies play a huge part.   One of the first issues we deal with is how well our ideals match up with reality.  And this year, with all that has gone on, it feels like in some ways we lost our way.  Somewhere on the journey of trying to make a better life for our kids we've been too busy to journey through life with them.  I feel sad about it.


I think my kids deserve better.  I think I can do better.  I can find that happy place again.  I just know it.  I have to first quiet those nagging voices in my head, you know the ones that say "you've got too much on your plate", "you guys are busy", "the kids are old enough to go to school", "you should send them", "you went to school and you turned out okay", "you'll enjoy your parenting more if you don't have to spend so much time with them" ...yada, yada, yada.  Yeah, I know ...cluttered, unproductive thoughts that always seem to lead me away from how I want to parent.

just hanging around

I don't have any solid answers but I do know that it's been good to take stock again, sit quiet and re-think the things that we take for granted.  Like our children.  I love them, dearly.  Each one of them has added tremendously to my life in ways that I never thought possible.  They are full of life, joy and optimism.   In them I see so much hope.  It's because of them that I do what I do, home educate.  When we were out as a family it was so comforting being together.  This is where we need to be, this is where everything begins.  We are returning to recognizable patterns.  Walking, talking, listening and sharing.  Moments of us and them, uncomplicated by life around us...and oh how I've missed these times. 


these feet...


These feet are really busy right now.  They aren't sitting at the computer while I write the post I should be writing.  They aren't sure when they will get a chance this week to get back to this little space.  They were concerned about leaving the last post up.  They didn't want to chase away any new readers that have come for a visit from Heather's, thanks for the mention btw, or give you the wrong impression that you have entered another dimension.  They will be back shortly with something crafty, creative or kid focused...we'll have to wait and see which.  

Be back as soon as I find my way home,

from the feetie...xoxo



What a mother's day gift yesterday evening was.  Tailor made for me, a quick
bite to eat then onwards to the theatre.  It was opening weekend for
the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise and so of course I had to go.  

I admit it, I'm a trekkie, a huge fan.  I got hooked back in the day when the original series aired.  I was born smack in the middle of it's television run during the 60's, in the days when William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were at the helm.  Who knows, maybe my mum watched it while she was pregnant with me and it had that effect on me like Bach or Mozart have on a developing babe.  Whatever.  It was destined to be, among other things


When I met the hubby he was not yet enlightened in the ways of all
things Star Trek.  That soon changed, it had to or we wouldn't have had
a chance.  Can't have someone dissing my sci-fi viewing every time I
sit down to watch.  No, no, no, that would not go over at all.  Now he
loves it almost as much as me.

They brought in director J.J. Abrams, you know the creator of Lost.  Umm...I love how this man thinks.  Brilliant.  I've been waiting for a new movie to come out and it did not disappoint.  I can't go into too much detail here for spoiler reasons.  I will tell you that it was a good story line with room for sequels.  It is action packed with no lulls.  It's a new era folks.

I think I need to see it one more time before it leaves the big screen so if there are any other trekkies out there who want to go with me...come out, come out, where ever you are...



So I'm on this fabric shopping binge right now.  I'm collecting as I have high hopes to make big bed quilts for my kidlets this year.  Just remind me about that occasionally, okay?   I may need a kick in the pants to keep focus.  Recently I purchased some Forests Friends by Amy Schimler.    I love the whimsical prints that Amy has designed and they will totally rock the boys nature themed room.  Check out this cool idea with her fabric.

forest friends

I usually purchase my fabric online for a few reasons: 
a) it is so much easier than taking 4 children with you to a store at anytime, let alone a fabric store;
b) I can't usually get the fabric that see online in a fabric store;
c) if I could find the fabric in a local store it would be about 4 times the cost of online. 
d) I really like to support the postal service;
e) packages are so much fun to get in the mail, even if you are paying for them yourself.

delicious colors

Now you know my motivations I'll tell you the only con to ordering online.  Trying to order solid color fabric is a pain.  The colors on my monitor never give me a great indication of what the color will be like in my hot little hands.  It's always a risky and takes me forever to make a decision guess.  When I put my last fabric order in for the Amy Schimler prints, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I ordered the Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton solids color pallet.  169 delicious colors to choose from, maybe even too many colors if you know what I mean.  Internet shopping will never be easier, or maybe that is a really bad thing? What do you think?


katie really does jump

Finished, just in time for the girlies to wear their new frocks for the boy's birthday party last week.

front and back

I based the design on dresses I made for them a couple of years back with some sleeve changes - sans elastic.  I had to substantially enlarge the pattern because it seems their amazon growth is not slowing down.  They are only 4 and wear a size 6 dress.  I think they are following in their mumma's footsteps.

up close

As I was mentioning in my kjr post, I had to re-work the bottom half of the dress a wee bit.  I originally made the bottom with fabric cut from selvage to selvage but after attaching the dress I didn't like how plain the dress felt.  My second try around I doubled the amount of fabric from selvage to selvage and well the dress was too full.

all tied up

Third times a charm, or so they say, I think Goldilocks was onto something.  I went back to just one piece of fabric, selvage to selvage and added a pleat in the middle front with gathering & ties at the back.  Success.


Forget about that frontal picture of the girls in their dresses, between the overcast days of last week and the squirmy girls who couldn't hold still long enough we'll have to settle for the backs of them.

please turn around...please



Yes he is.  Every bit of him is brimming with excitement over his new 9 year old status.  It's a new lease on life according to the B-meister.  Yesterday when I reminded him to watch for cars when crossing the road to the soccer field he told me "mum, I'm not a little boy anymore...I'm a tweenager".  Indeed. 


I'm not too worried about it though, boyhood hasn't completely left him.   He was completely excited about his goose shaped cake and still looks at things with that twinkle in his eyes.  I love that twinkle


We celebrated with family on Saturday evening.  It felt a bit
normal to be doing something other than painting, patching &
building over the weekend.  Happy 9 years, birthday boy.  

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