vintage appreciation

Over the past year I've been collecting vintage cotton sheets from thrift stores.  These little gems are hard to come by but each time I find one I bring it home.   I'm not sure what got me started on the idea of collecting them in the first place.  Perhaps it
was knowing that each sheet represented limited possibilities: experimental fabric; summer tops, outfits and accessories for the girls, a chance to
make what was once old, new; and maybe even a quilt or two.


The idea re-purposing isn't a new one and now with recession talk, being frugal is the new trend.  Let's also not forget the green aspect either.  Purchasing thrifted goodies keeps those items from otherwise ending up in a landfill.  Yes, more garbage is not what this earth needs, I'm sure of that one.  And while all of these reasons are wonderful and valid, mostly I think purchased the sheets because they were lovely, reminding me of childhood years gone by.  They may have even spoke to me, gently prodding me to take them home.  Does fabric do that to you too?


So the other day I pulled a few of my lovelies out of the cabinet and armed with rotary cutter I made a dent in my stash.  I cut and cut, until I had a pile of triangles.  Quilting was on my mind.  This quilt in particular, though my version is not going to be queen size no, I'm starting small with two quilts.  Just big enough for one person, or a few little people, or a picnic blanket...well, you get the picture.


I wish I had a lovely photo of the top pieced but as you can see the wind was not very cooperative.  I'll try to get another photo before the basting and machine quilting if I can convince my two little helpers to give me a hand.  They were all giggles trying to hold that quilt still.  Can't blame them though, it was comical.



  1. That is terrific! I love how the quilt looks in your fabric. Thanks for liking it ...

  2. Hi Roseann,
    Like it I do, I do! Thank you for designing it!

  3. Wait until you see the next one on the cutting table ...

  4. I love reusing old sheets...so much more fun that just buying new...
    And the colors are truly fantastic!
    Thank you - Ruth

  5. Oh yes, reusing old sheets is so addictive and fun. You are so right. thanks for stopping by :)


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