they're here!

Thank you everyone who took the time to comment and email me about my last post.  I am learning to be gentle with myself over my short comings, even if they are self prescribed.  I feel like we are making headway in the right direction and that gives my heart and mind peace. 

what you hiding mumma?

To our excitement we had some visitors last week to our yard.  They had been strangely absent for the past few weeks, stopping by only once in a while.  They finally returned more regularly, but this time they weren't alone...

moe, curly and larry

They brought their babies.  Ack!  Is there anything cuter than a gosling?  Well, I'm sure there is but for us, we are smitten, completely.  I want so bad to pick up those cute little babies.  Umm yeah, if you know anything about geese, well that isn't going to happen.  Not with the way those proud parents watch over them.  I can't blame them, that parental instinct is pretty strong in both humans and animals alike.  We will have to be contented to watch and observe them as they make their way through the growing stages.  

they're here!

It's a wonderful thing to experience this beauty right in our own backyard.  A gift to all of us indeed.  Happy Monday, xoxo

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