It's that time again, the banner change over.  Feels refreshing to switch out.  Almost as refreshing as it was to head out of town yesterday.  We didn't go terribly far, just a quick 30 minute drive to a little town where my mum grew up.  She hadn't been there in a long while and really wanted to see her old stomping grounds.


The town has changed dramatically.  It has become somewhat of a bedroom community for those who want to escape the city atmosphere.  In my mum's day, the town was small and quaint.  School was a one room affair and kids were happy to play with sticks, rocks and mud.  Okay, maybe the occasional flour sack doll too.  On one hand my mum lived in simpler days but there were also so many difficulties and hardships during the 30's and 40's I'm not sure I would readily trade places. 

rock climbing, kid style

The houses of old are long gone with only a few historical buildings
standing.  Much of the surrounding land is farming and double lane highways.  The town, once a major limestone producer, closed down it's quarry operation in 1967.  My grandfather used to work in the quarry and wish I had some stories to draw from because I always imagine Fred Flintstone in my head when I think of him working. 


They preserved the quarry and made it into a park which is where we wandered around for part of the day before returning home.  I enjoyed the afternoon listening to my mum recall memories of her childhood, even the sad memories, for they are all a part of her.  I'm happy that my kids were able to see where she spent her younger years too.   

view of the quarry lake

Oh and meet my mum.   She goes by the name of Nama to my kids.  She's still a simple girl who has often been under appreciated by me.  I'm
sure I don't say enough "thank you's" and "I appreciate you". 
But I do mum.  I really do.  You are a blessing to me and I love you
very much, everyday.  xoxo



  1. what a sweet sweet tribute to nama!.... wish I had known you were headed there I might have joined you for a spell. we went to lockport (in-laws were putting in their garden -I had their tiller) Mikes brother and sister in law live in stonewall now. (the drummer) I love waling at the quarry park!

  2. I'm sorry we didn't call you. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing,
    dependent on the weather cooperating. Next time we will call. I'm still up
    for a day at the beach this week if you are. :)


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