What a mother's day gift yesterday evening was.  Tailor made for me, a quick
bite to eat then onwards to the theatre.  It was opening weekend for
the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise and so of course I had to go.  

I admit it, I'm a trekkie, a huge fan.  I got hooked back in the day when the original series aired.  I was born smack in the middle of it's television run during the 60's, in the days when William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were at the helm.  Who knows, maybe my mum watched it while she was pregnant with me and it had that effect on me like Bach or Mozart have on a developing babe.  Whatever.  It was destined to be, among other things


When I met the hubby he was not yet enlightened in the ways of all
things Star Trek.  That soon changed, it had to or we wouldn't have had
a chance.  Can't have someone dissing my sci-fi viewing every time I
sit down to watch.  No, no, no, that would not go over at all.  Now he
loves it almost as much as me.

They brought in director J.J. Abrams, you know the creator of Lost.  Umm...I love how this man thinks.  Brilliant.  I've been waiting for a new movie to come out and it did not disappoint.  I can't go into too much detail here for spoiler reasons.  I will tell you that it was a good story line with room for sequels.  It is action packed with no lulls.  It's a new era folks.

I think I need to see it one more time before it leaves the big screen so if there are any other trekkies out there who want to go with me...come out, come out, where ever you are...


  1. So we weren't allowed to watch smurfs or have cabbage patch kids, but we went to all the Star Trek movies with my dad - and of course along with Little House on the Prairie, the old Star Trek tv series, were the only shows we could watch on our black and white tv! On one Star Trek theatre trip, I even remember my dad lying, saying that I was under 12 to pay the child's price.
    I haven't seen this yet - think i've been holding out to see if baby comes - not yet.

  2. *Ahhhh*....this is crazy and funny all the same. I wonder how a child
    reconciles Little House and Star Trek... LOL Gotta remind your dad about
    this one occasionally ;)

  3. I'm glad to read your good review. I didn't know if I would like it without the originals. I didn't even watch the second ST with the bald fellow. :<) Now, I'll either go see it or rent it on dvd. Thanks.

  4. Well, we escaped the other evening and saw it...IT WAS GREAT! I loved seeing the old Spock!
    I have little to complain about it - We both walked out of the theatre satisfied customers. I am glad that William Shatner did not make an appearance - at one time he was Star Trek - but in the last number of years he represents to me a "wierd kind of humour" that does not belong with Star Trek.
    (i am one week overdue - and am considering my midwifes cocktail suggestion)

  5. Yay, another fan...I know they are out there ;) Oh please do go see it on
    the big screen, at least for the first viewing, it totally makes the

  6. I'm glad you like the movie and I can't believe you went to see it past due
    date. I think I would have went into spontaneous labor if that were
    me...then again I'm one of those rapid birth people who births under an hour
    so I always get nervous near the end. Not that this is the same but I did
    take my two week old son to a movie, I think it was gladiator. I was dying
    to see it (wonky postpartum hormones) so he came with us, all snug in a
    sling...he slept the whole time. I hope you have a baby in your arms as
    you read this?!


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