katie really does jump

Finished, just in time for the girlies to wear their new frocks for the boy's birthday party last week.

front and back

I based the design on dresses I made for them a couple of years back with some sleeve changes - sans elastic.  I had to substantially enlarge the pattern because it seems their amazon growth is not slowing down.  They are only 4 and wear a size 6 dress.  I think they are following in their mumma's footsteps.

up close

As I was mentioning in my kjr post, I had to re-work the bottom half of the dress a wee bit.  I originally made the bottom with fabric cut from selvage to selvage but after attaching the dress I didn't like how plain the dress felt.  My second try around I doubled the amount of fabric from selvage to selvage and well the dress was too full.

all tied up

Third times a charm, or so they say, I think Goldilocks was onto something.  I went back to just one piece of fabric, selvage to selvage and added a pleat in the middle front with gathering & ties at the back.  Success.


Forget about that frontal picture of the girls in their dresses, between the overcast days of last week and the squirmy girls who couldn't hold still long enough we'll have to settle for the backs of them.

please turn around...please


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