So I'm on this fabric shopping binge right now.  I'm collecting as I have high hopes to make big bed quilts for my kidlets this year.  Just remind me about that occasionally, okay?   I may need a kick in the pants to keep focus.  Recently I purchased some Forests Friends by Amy Schimler.    I love the whimsical prints that Amy has designed and they will totally rock the boys nature themed room.  Check out this cool idea with her fabric.

forest friends

I usually purchase my fabric online for a few reasons: 
a) it is so much easier than taking 4 children with you to a store at anytime, let alone a fabric store;
b) I can't usually get the fabric that see online in a fabric store;
c) if I could find the fabric in a local store it would be about 4 times the cost of online. 
d) I really like to support the postal service;
e) packages are so much fun to get in the mail, even if you are paying for them yourself.

delicious colors

Now you know my motivations I'll tell you the only con to ordering online.  Trying to order solid color fabric is a pain.  The colors on my monitor never give me a great indication of what the color will be like in my hot little hands.  It's always a risky and takes me forever to make a decision guess.  When I put my last fabric order in for the Amy Schimler prints, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I ordered the Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton solids color pallet.  169 delicious colors to choose from, maybe even too many colors if you know what I mean.  Internet shopping will never be easier, or maybe that is a really bad thing? What do you think?


  1. i LOVE those prints, i was eyeballing them the other day... yummy.
    where do you order from? i would like to start ordering online as well. i'm just scared and i don't know where to turn. ;)
    ALSO, can we talk about maybe a custom order? i'm in desperate want of one of those fantastic bibs your kids have always had.... the littlest one is quite messy. i forget if you made them? if you did and you have time, i would love to buy one. :)
    miss you guys! when are we getting together???

  2. Hi Jen,
    I ordered these particular prints from: http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/
    They have free shipping going on right now if you enter the word: SPRING in
    the promo category.
    I've also ordered from SewMamaSew, The Fat Quarter Shop, FabricBuffet, etsy,
    ebay... Sometimes I am at the mercy of where I can find the particular item
    I am looking for.
    Email me about the bib...or skype? I owe you a freebee...my gift to you. :)

  3. i was thinking about doing the same exact thing for solids...ordering a color card. it would save a ton of money over the long run, i'm sure of it!

  4. Yes, I hope over the long run it makes not only financial sense but helps me
    take less time in choosing.

  5. I love your collection, and I can just say that the color palette you have there is a dangerous thing. I speak from experience. The good news is that the solids are less expensive than prints and the fabric is fabulous!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    I am so excited to get working with these prints but have a few other things
    I need to take care of first. I agree with you about the color palette -
    very dangerous! I may have already, since this post, put another order in
    for Kona solids...gotta have variety, right?

  7. Ok... you got me! I NEED one of those color palettes form Kona! And lovely stash! I'm working on building mine up but I need a better storage system. I think shelves should do the trick. Stacks of fabric make me happy ;-)

  8. Hi Cristin,
    Yes, definitely get a color palette. I now can't live without mine. It
    makes matching so much easier. Stash building is fun, the only down side
    is the bill that follows ;) Oh why can't money grow on trees?
    thanks for stopping by,


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