right now


This is probably the most serene picture in our home. The girls room: freshly painted a bright yellow to match the mendocino mermaid fabric (plum & yellow colour scheme) that they choose from my stash for bed quilts. The new white trim is so crisp against the yellow - I'm loving it!


Everywhere else I look there are boxes, bins and stuff as we get ready for the last major leg of the renovation.  Our reno guy is coming on Wednesday and he is taking apart the existing laundry/storage room. Sometime after his work is complete I am slated to have a delightful, new sleek laundry room plus (my) studio.  Yay!  

pumpkin flower

For now I'm feeling a bit like this pumpkin flower I found peeking out amidst the chicken wire - trapped but hanging in there.  Patience girl, patience.




the journey

leads to

hanging around




they are suspended in time 

we are hoping for a miracle




Contrary to a recent post certain caterpillars are always welcome. 


When you plant milkweed you should fully expect a battery of these ferocious looking guys to appear.  After my war with the cabbage butterfly - they won by the way, cabbage and broccoli never did make it to our table - I wasn't sure how I'd feel about seeing any more hungry little creatures.  But planting just because is very different than planting for food and so... 


The milkweed came from our last home, planted to attract the elusive monarch butterfly, it is where she loves to lay her eggs.  The first two summers at this home the milkweed wasn't very happy and didn't do too much in the way of growth.  This year we moved the plant to a warmer side of the house and *bam* it flourished.  I am reminded yet again that gardening is very experimental.  


Since these photos were taken the caterpillars have eaten up my milkweed plant entirely and have crawled off to various locations to take a most beautiful nap.  We check on them daily to see what changes are taking place and with fingers crossed (& a little prayer) we hope to see the glorious unveiling. To be continued...



Hello there.  I thought I should return to this little space and begin my re-entry to blog land. The timing is still not quite right on the surface, so many things demand my attention at the moment, but in my heart I know it is time to write again.  

Seasonally the air feels as though summer is passing.  The pool is closed for the season and the cooler nights have set in.  I don't know about you, but I love the coolness of fall at night time, the air conditioner is turned off, windows are open and cool air is chilling our bones while we sleep. Thank goodness for extra warm blankets! 


Season changes aren't the easiest transition for me, but oh how I love fall.  It's an instinctive relationship, I feel myself slowing down and spending just a few more hours indoors each day.  My cooking becomes less grill based - our summer staple - and more slow and savoury.  Two pots of our favourite homemade tomato and basil soup have been started and consumed over the past week.  Next on the agenda: squash.

The leaves are changing colours and the call of the
B-meister to spend evenings by the fire pit with marshmallows, making smores, has begun.  I'm sure it's instinctive for him as well.  Just like his beloved geese, who have returned to our little lake and have begun their nightly chatter in unison. Their return is a reminder that all of nature, in our 4-season area, is getting prepared for those long cold days of white.  But I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, instead let's live in the moment shall we? 

Are you feeling the seasonal shift? How was your summer...or winter depending on where you live?