Woohoo!  I'll be back with the details after I have a little de-stressing break. 


we interrupt our regular programming

twirly skirts

...for some twirly, girly fun.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I broke out the machine and finished up some twirly skirts for the girls.

twirly skirts details

You may remember seeing the floral fabric that debut last year as these gorgeous tops.  Now we have matching skirts.  The striped fabric from a few posts back was formally a Tommy Hilfiger bedskirt, it now has a new life.

twirly skirts & girls

Miss A & Miss J are still rejecting the notion of pants this summer and so I am trying to quickly come up with some alternatives that they can get down and dirty with as they inevitably meander over to the sandbox on a regular basis.

twirly skirts & swings

I've got some other ideas on the go to appease them and I'll be fitting them in here and there while the house sells.  Yes, the house is still for sale.  The lady who came three times loved it and was going to put in an offer but she was too scared to outright buy it without selling hers first.   I guess that's the way these things go.   Keep hoping for us that the right buyer comes quickly as this mumma is growing weary of this game.

twirly skirts, Miss A

Happy Weekend :)


the big day


We take offers on our home today. We had quite a few interested parties, whether or not it goes further than that we will find out tonight! One lady came back three times and is officially smitten (with the house that is ;) I'm hoping her smitten-ness takes her all the way to the lawyers with some pretty paperwork for us.


I feel myself starting to relax again. I've been in adrenaline overdrive for the past month or so getting things ready and now I feel like I can breathe. It's amazing how many things you can accomplish when you have to. All those little tasks that we could have chipped away at over the past 6 years have seemingly been completed in light speed. 
It's a short reprieve, this feeling. I know all too well what awaits me in a few more weeks. I can't actually spend too much time thinking about it or my mind goes into hyper-adrenaline overload. Where is that "Moss-Covered, Three-Handled, Family Gredunza" that the Cat in the Hat used when he was in a pinch?

All the boxes and baskets and packing of things

Makes my heart and my head taunt like violin strings

Dreading the days and nights of long hours

Tired and wishing for some superpowers

But onward we trudge in this journey of choice

At the end of it all I will hear my own voice

"Good decision we made" those many months ago

Now back to my life, I really, really need to sew!

And on that note I will say good day and hopefully I'll be back with some great news, cross your fingers and toes!



The selling of our home continues and I'm out of the house as much as possible with the kids to: a) keep the house clean and b) keep my sanity during this somewhat anxious time.  The weather has been cooperating fabulously so we headed out to the park with backpacks and my camera in tow.   Later on in the evening I whittled the time away playing with my photos in photoshop.  Here's our day.


parkday, exploration


parkday, J-man


parkday, B-meister


parkday, Miss J


parkday, Miss A


parkday, trees

Happy Monday


now that's more like it!

slurpee season

A warm sunny day and our first slurpees of the season, not too mention a first for Miss A and Miss J. 

slurpee season

The B-meister was in full craving mode on the way home from the YMCA today and I indulged.  Ahhh...not too much arm twisting was needed. 


wanna buy a house??


We had to list our home after all.  The people who originally put an offer on our home are having no luck selling theirs and we can't wait anymore.  Time is ticking away and we need to sell.

Of course if I would just blog a bit more you would have known this juicy tidbit already but I've been so terribly busy getting stuff cleaned, cleared and moved out that I haven't had any computer time.

If I would update a bit more you might also know that we have found and purchased another home.  *yay*  But you'll have to wait for those details in a later post when I'm not so tired. 

We decided to sell privately and are having a couple of open houses this weekend.  Wish us luck that things sell quickly so I can get back to living.

Missing you blog land, xoxo

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