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twirly skirts

...for some twirly, girly fun.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I broke out the machine and finished up some twirly skirts for the girls.

twirly skirts details

You may remember seeing the floral fabric that debut last year as these gorgeous tops.  Now we have matching skirts.  The striped fabric from a few posts back was formally a Tommy Hilfiger bedskirt, it now has a new life.

twirly skirts & girls

Miss A & Miss J are still rejecting the notion of pants this summer and so I am trying to quickly come up with some alternatives that they can get down and dirty with as they inevitably meander over to the sandbox on a regular basis.

twirly skirts & swings

I've got some other ideas on the go to appease them and I'll be fitting them in here and there while the house sells.  Yes, the house is still for sale.  The lady who came three times loved it and was going to put in an offer but she was too scared to outright buy it without selling hers first.   I guess that's the way these things go.   Keep hoping for us that the right buyer comes quickly as this mumma is growing weary of this game.

twirly skirts, Miss A

Happy Weekend :)

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  1. oh man! this makes me miss my girls' little years. And I wish I could think of a way to make cuteness like this for my son without people looking at me funny... I wonder if I could convince folks that kilts are in for toddlers...


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