the big day


We take offers on our home today. We had quite a few interested parties, whether or not it goes further than that we will find out tonight! One lady came back three times and is officially smitten (with the house that is ;) I'm hoping her smitten-ness takes her all the way to the lawyers with some pretty paperwork for us.


I feel myself starting to relax again. I've been in adrenaline overdrive for the past month or so getting things ready and now I feel like I can breathe. It's amazing how many things you can accomplish when you have to. All those little tasks that we could have chipped away at over the past 6 years have seemingly been completed in light speed. 
It's a short reprieve, this feeling. I know all too well what awaits me in a few more weeks. I can't actually spend too much time thinking about it or my mind goes into hyper-adrenaline overload. Where is that "Moss-Covered, Three-Handled, Family Gredunza" that the Cat in the Hat used when he was in a pinch?

All the boxes and baskets and packing of things

Makes my heart and my head taunt like violin strings

Dreading the days and nights of long hours

Tired and wishing for some superpowers

But onward we trudge in this journey of choice

At the end of it all I will hear my own voice

"Good decision we made" those many months ago

Now back to my life, I really, really need to sew!

And on that note I will say good day and hopefully I'll be back with some great news, cross your fingers and toes!

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