what is making me smile today...


The thrifting gods smiled down on me recently.

sugar anyone?

I stopped in briefly for my regular fix of vintage sheeting and instead found this lovely tea set beckoning to me.

creamer set

It reminds me of Orla Kiely with that strong 70's vibe. 

my favorite

Six delightful cups & saucers with a covered sugar bowl and creamer. I just can't stop smiling.


placemat swap

Just a peek because I have to keep my swap partner guessing.

placemat swap sneak peek

There was a placemat swap over on flickr hosted by Krommama.  Our placemats were supposed to be mailed out by end of June/early July.  My partner and I decided to set our mail out date for a couple of weeks later because we would both be on holiday.

placemat swap sneak peek

I'm all finished; soon these lovelies will be heading to their new home and then you can see the rest.


don't get out of bed

Yup, that is my motto this summer.  I don't want to get out of bed.  Oh that doesn't mean I'm actually horizontal, rather I just want to be comfy, all day, all summer long.  I can't think of anything more comfortable than when I first get into bed at night.  The mattress, pillows, sheets & quilt, they all call me to slumber.  It's a good feeling, one worth preserving and sharing

no hemming required

So here's what's up. I had a need to sew this past week, but didn't want to do anything too strenuous like finish the quilt on my cutting table which would require awkward body positions for basting and quilting.  I did something weird to my back/hip and so contortionist sports are not a good idea right now.  Instead I wrote up a tutorial for y'all in celebration of summer and all that is good about it.

waist band

Are you still with me?  It's a pdf download with lots of instruction and photos...don't get out of bed pants available on my tutorials page. Print it up and give it a whirl for yourself, kids, hubby, sister, mum, the dog??...well maybe not the dog but you know, anyone you can think of as long as it stays in gift format all is good.  The tutorial is meant for personal use only and items made from it are not to be sold. 

stay in bed, all day

If you have any questions in regard to the tutorial just ask away.  Happy Sewing to you!  xxx

Just for you brightened


I'm not waffling

I really am thinking of you, so much so that I've been busy making a tutorial for you all over the past few days.  I'm almost done.  I have pictures to insert and then proofreading, not something I should do late in the night.  My brain is foggy enough during the day.  I think it will be a pdf file for download so stay tuned over the weekend.  For now I must sleep. 

Happy Friday.  xxx


finding my groove

You know that holiday that refuses to end?   I think I'm in it. 

beach buildings

Endless days of summer exploring, visiting, friend & family gatherings, BBQ's, parties and of course beaching. 

beach boys

I'm crawling out of this staycation stupor and trying to find my groove.  To help start the week out yesterday I began the arduous chore of laundry.  Oh laundry how I have enjoyed ignoring you for the past two weeks but alas we are running out of the unmentionables (so I won't mention what they are) and the kids are beginning to complain.  Yup, that is how I spent my Monday.  I did laundry, almost all day.  In between loads I helped the girlies re-order their play space and find all the missing pieces to beloved toys.   Exciting I tell ya.  

beach girl

Today, Nana and Papa are heading back home on the airplane, so I need to keep everyone's spirits high from the withdrawl that is sure to set in after having the grandparents grace our home with visits these past three weeks as well as endless daddy days. To distract, the boys will be off to their beloved cousin's home while the girlies and I spend some quality time on our own.  It might be a good time to
introduce them to thrifting or maybe even the peanut butter cup DQ blizzard.  Do you think that could pass for a lunch meal?  

beach fun

What are your plans today?

beach babes



leaky boot

We are so thoroughly enjoying our break from everyday life.  My hubby is looking rested and relaxed.  The kids are loving having dad around for each moment of their day.  We came up with an acronym and vacation theme: EDWARD.  I recently read through the first two books in the Twilight series something I was putting off until I heard the author liked the band Muse, one of my favorites.  The books can't be all that bad if the author likes Muse, right??

a walk in the park

As for the acronym:

With our
Awesome &

My eldest son said just yesterday that everyday should be an Edward day.  I agree ;)

dwarf house

I'll check in again this week with some more photos and should be back to regular blogging early next week.  Have a great Monday. xxx

lily pads


staying put


On Friday when the hubby arrived home from work he announced that his stay-cation had begun.  Yup, he is taking two weeks vacation time, yay!  We have no concrete plans to leave the area, instead we will do tons of nothing and everything, with the kids.  We haven't taken a proper vacation since the early summer of 2005 so things may continue to be a bit slow for the next couple of weeks, I hope you understand?

foot big

Spontaneity will be the name of the game and if the weather cooperates we will be beaching and exploring the local scene.  Last night we kicked it all off with a visit to our favorite gelati place and then for a wee peek at the Jazz Festival before heading home with a crew of tired kids.  Gotta love wearing them out that way. 

goosebabes eat

Oh and what do these photos have to do this post?  Nothing really.  I haven't posted any of our feathered friends photos in a while and if you can imagine since I took these photos, they have changed again!  I'm thinking of having some of these printed on canvas to hang by the B-meister's bed for the long cold winter that lies ahead.  Shh, don't tell him. 


I also wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has commented lately and also in particular since that day - things dramatically improved the next day.  I really love the support that flows from the blogging community and you should know your comments mean the world to me.  I'll be getting back to each and everyone of you who commented or emailed me over the next week.  Have a lovely and happy Monday, xxx

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