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We are so thoroughly enjoying our break from everyday life.  My hubby is looking rested and relaxed.  The kids are loving having dad around for each moment of their day.  We came up with an acronym and vacation theme: EDWARD.  I recently read through the first two books in the Twilight series something I was putting off until I heard the author liked the band Muse, one of my favorites.  The books can't be all that bad if the author likes Muse, right??

a walk in the park

As for the acronym:

With our
Awesome &

My eldest son said just yesterday that everyday should be an Edward day.  I agree ;)

dwarf house

I'll check in again this week with some more photos and should be back to regular blogging early next week.  Have a great Monday. xxx

lily pads


  1. It is good to read that you are all enjoying yourselves :-) My middle 'baby' just said to me tonight how he misses his dad and this is the reason that he is so often grumpy - we are staying in our summer house out of town, and dad comes to visit every weekend. But from next week on we'll be enjoying his company for 4 weeks, as he is taking a break from the office - it will sure be fun!
    Enjoy your days together!

  2. I love it! Wonderful statue.

  3. Kristina,
    Oh my it is so lovely this break that we are on. The hubby returns to work on Monday and so we are trying to soak up as much of him as possible before that time. If only there was a way to make the days go longer.
    I'm sure your son's grumpies will fly far away once his dad joins you all in the summer house. Sounds lovely...really it does and 4 weeks is a dream!! Enjoy it, truly.

  4. Nan,
    That statue is located in one of the parks in our city. It's one of my favorite pieces...little boys should always be so cute and mischievous.


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