finding my groove

You know that holiday that refuses to end?   I think I'm in it. 

beach buildings

Endless days of summer exploring, visiting, friend & family gatherings, BBQ's, parties and of course beaching. 

beach boys

I'm crawling out of this staycation stupor and trying to find my groove.  To help start the week out yesterday I began the arduous chore of laundry.  Oh laundry how I have enjoyed ignoring you for the past two weeks but alas we are running out of the unmentionables (so I won't mention what they are) and the kids are beginning to complain.  Yup, that is how I spent my Monday.  I did laundry, almost all day.  In between loads I helped the girlies re-order their play space and find all the missing pieces to beloved toys.   Exciting I tell ya.  

beach girl

Today, Nana and Papa are heading back home on the airplane, so I need to keep everyone's spirits high from the withdrawl that is sure to set in after having the grandparents grace our home with visits these past three weeks as well as endless daddy days. To distract, the boys will be off to their beloved cousin's home while the girlies and I spend some quality time on our own.  It might be a good time to
introduce them to thrifting or maybe even the peanut butter cup DQ blizzard.  Do you think that could pass for a lunch meal?  

beach fun

What are your plans today?

beach babes


  1. PBDQ definitely qualifies as protein, nuts and dairy, right? Ran out of clothes on Sunday and Miss E. now owns her first pair of cut offs. Gotta love this time :)

  2. looks like a fun day at the beach.

  3. Wow your children are beautiful! I can see Christina sometimes in your girls, and your boys look like minis of your husband! You must be very proud!

  4. Yay Simone :) yes, you are so right all the food groups. We did the same thing with our light weight winter pajamas...cut off the sleeves and legs (the kids all blew the knees out) to make summer pajamas. My budget was never happier.

  5. Hena, it was a great day and I sure wish it would warm up some more because we are wanting some more sand/sun fun. thank you for dropping by :)

  6. thank you darling patty-jean :)


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