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Valentine's Day is around the corner.

Many bees 500
enlisted the help of my sons J & B while my daughters napped yesterday. They made Valentines for 16 sweet preschool
twins.  It was a simple craft and will be perfect for wee ones who are going to receive them.   The bee on the card is holding a lollipop in his tail.

 Bee mine B 500

Bee mine J 500

I belong to a friendship
group of 9 women. We all have twins and
keep in touch via internet. I'll be
shipping these out this week along with some other goodies.  

Bee mine closeup 500

My sons love making crafts.  I think all children do,  creating is in their nature as is imagination.  J went to our friends house to play on Sunday with their daughter.  Our young girl friend also had another friend over at her house, a boy in similar age to my son.  J suggested that they play something with their imagination and the boy (he didn't know) said "imagination is for babies".  My son said he felt sad, like maybe he was a baby or something :(   

How is it that a child thinks imagination is for babies?  Sounds too jaded for such a young soul. 

My son is okay, we were able to talk more about it.  He has a bit more understanding about the situation, though I hope he doesn't internalize that comment. 

If imagination is for babies, then I want to be a baby too!



I completed the scarf the other night. I wasn't going to put pom poms on it, but J my 9 yr old son balked at the idea. Seems he wanted the pom poms, a boy after my own heart. 

finished scarf

I haven't managed to take a photo until today. I'm still feeling really horrible. This cold is hanging on and now my throat really hurts. I looked at it today and it is so red, I really hope it doesn't get worse.

On the project front, I started knitting some legwarmers for the girls. I'm afraid until I start feeling better, I'm not straying to far from my couch. 

I love reading through knitting books. Especially cute things like Jean Greenhowe's Topsy Turvy doll  I remember quite a few years back when she had a book that made a Topsy Turvy Cinderella doll. At a glance you have Cinderella in rags, then flip her over and you have Cindy in her gown. I'd love to get my hands on that book again.  The only copy I can find in my stash is this:  Isn't it cute?



under the weather

I'm not feeling so well today, I went to bed on Thursday night with the start of a cold, had a horriblesleep and spent all of Friday curled up on my couch knitting while watching Little House on the Prairie.  I used to love that show as a kid so I collected the series for my own children.  At times it can get a little sappy, but then again, so can I.

I knitted this hat & scarf combo for my oldest ds - master J a couple of years back.  The hat is incredibly cute!  It is long and comes to a point with these great dinosaur like spikes all the way up it's length.  I should make one again some day.

Since then it has been handed down to my second dear son - master B who totally thinks the hat "rocks." Master J was a wee bit miffed that his stuff was being given to his younger brother so I told him I would make him a new scarf. He didn't need a hat this year as his winter snowsuit came with a hat in tow, but he did need a scarf. I'm almost completed, I think I have about an inch more to knit and then I can tie it off. 

Being under the weather is never a good thing, but sometimes it does keep you in one place long enough to finish a project. 


winter snow fort

I was looking at old photos from last year and stumbled across this photo I took while we were creating our winter fort.  We get tons of snow in the winter where I live and though at times it can get ridiculously cold, we do also have those days where we get outside for long stretches.  This fort was created during a mild stretch and our sons just loved it.  We also discovered that trampolines can be quite useful during winter to keep a "snow roof" from collapsing on little children.  That wouldn't be very good at all.
starting out
ready for occupancy

two willing participants


a day in my life...



What a morning I had.  I needed to run an errand.  Little Misses A & J are my toddler girls so they have to go with me. That was probably my first mistake. The girls are crazy.  Not only do they have more than their share of toddler energy, but having two the same age is just insane at times.  First, while I was trying to throw myself together they managed to take the cutlery out of the cutlery drawer. They proceeded next to the plastic cups in which they decided to spit in so they could stir their saliva *yuck*  After I managed to wrestle the said items away from the girls, I cleaned them (cups & cutlery) and put them back in their proper place, I turn around to see that the girls have striped down to their undershirts.  I get them dressed again but by this time I was feeling more than a little irritated at their shenanigans. They did this all in the span of 15 minutes and you should have seen them just before that!!!  Can I throw in the white towel now?


a new year is upon us already!

I always feel an incredible sense of new beginnings with the new year. It must be the words “New Year” in themselves, because it is not as though any spectacular changes take place in my routine. None the less, it is a new year and this sense of optimism pervades my being and I am excited about what lies ahead.
This year I would like to enjoy my current position without feeling a need to change it and redirect my interests. I would like to savor those in my life who mean most: my hubby - Mr.P , my kidlet boys - J & B, my kidlet girls - little misses A & J.
I should continue later as J & B want to go sledding and I still need to figure out if it is going to be whole family affair with Mr. P, little Misses A & J.


why blog?

I'm not new to blogging, I've been blogging off and on for the past few years.  I decided this year would be a good year to start a fresh blog.  Life is constantly changing and so I find myself changing along with life, embracing new seasons and saying goodbye to old ones.

I've always been what people would refer to as a "crafter."  I like trying new things and accomplishing projects.  I thought a craft blog would be great way to stay in touch with the creative world as well as motivate me to keep crafting.  You see, I have 2 year old twin daughters who keep me very busy to where I have not managed to complete many projects over the past few years.  While I am aware that there are seasons for things and caring for two small babies is not a time for great crafter accomplishment, I am also at a point where I need to start crafting again for my sanity.  I feel mostly the girls are at a better age for me to start little projects, though I'm just not sure how often the "little projects" will be completed as I also have two sons who like to spend time with their mumma :)

Well, that's my little blurb or why I am starting a craft blog.  If I think of more to write I will edit it in later, but for now I have to run, I hear the cries of my toddlers.   

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