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Valentine's Day is around the corner.

Many bees 500
enlisted the help of my sons J & B while my daughters napped yesterday. They made Valentines for 16 sweet preschool
twins.  It was a simple craft and will be perfect for wee ones who are going to receive them.   The bee on the card is holding a lollipop in his tail.

 Bee mine B 500

Bee mine J 500

I belong to a friendship
group of 9 women. We all have twins and
keep in touch via internet. I'll be
shipping these out this week along with some other goodies.  

Bee mine closeup 500

My sons love making crafts.  I think all children do,  creating is in their nature as is imagination.  J went to our friends house to play on Sunday with their daughter.  Our young girl friend also had another friend over at her house, a boy in similar age to my son.  J suggested that they play something with their imagination and the boy (he didn't know) said "imagination is for babies".  My son said he felt sad, like maybe he was a baby or something :(   

How is it that a child thinks imagination is for babies?  Sounds too jaded for such a young soul. 

My son is okay, we were able to talk more about it.  He has a bit more understanding about the situation, though I hope he doesn't internalize that comment. 

If imagination is for babies, then I want to be a baby too!

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