I completed the scarf the other night. I wasn't going to put pom poms on it, but J my 9 yr old son balked at the idea. Seems he wanted the pom poms, a boy after my own heart. 

finished scarf

I haven't managed to take a photo until today. I'm still feeling really horrible. This cold is hanging on and now my throat really hurts. I looked at it today and it is so red, I really hope it doesn't get worse.

On the project front, I started knitting some legwarmers for the girls. I'm afraid until I start feeling better, I'm not straying to far from my couch. 

I love reading through knitting books. Especially cute things like Jean Greenhowe's Topsy Turvy doll  I remember quite a few years back when she had a book that made a Topsy Turvy Cinderella doll. At a glance you have Cinderella in rags, then flip her over and you have Cindy in her gown. I'd love to get my hands on that book again.  The only copy I can find in my stash is this:  Isn't it cute?


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  1. I love the scarf, you did a great job with it and the colors with the pom poms are so fun!
    Thanks again for stopping by our site!!


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