What a morning I had.  I needed to run an errand.  Little Misses A & J are my toddler girls so they have to go with me. That was probably my first mistake. The girls are crazy.  Not only do they have more than their share of toddler energy, but having two the same age is just insane at times.  First, while I was trying to throw myself together they managed to take the cutlery out of the cutlery drawer. They proceeded next to the plastic cups in which they decided to spit in so they could stir their saliva *yuck*  After I managed to wrestle the said items away from the girls, I cleaned them (cups & cutlery) and put them back in their proper place, I turn around to see that the girls have striped down to their undershirts.  I get them dressed again but by this time I was feeling more than a little irritated at their shenanigans. They did this all in the span of 15 minutes and you should have seen them just before that!!!  Can I throw in the white towel now?

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