under the weather

I'm not feeling so well today, I went to bed on Thursday night with the start of a cold, had a horriblesleep and spent all of Friday curled up on my couch knitting while watching Little House on the Prairie.  I used to love that show as a kid so I collected the series for my own children.  At times it can get a little sappy, but then again, so can I.

I knitted this hat & scarf combo for my oldest ds - master J a couple of years back.  The hat is incredibly cute!  It is long and comes to a point with these great dinosaur like spikes all the way up it's length.  I should make one again some day.

Since then it has been handed down to my second dear son - master B who totally thinks the hat "rocks." Master J was a wee bit miffed that his stuff was being given to his younger brother so I told him I would make him a new scarf. He didn't need a hat this year as his winter snowsuit came with a hat in tow, but he did need a scarf. I'm almost completed, I think I have about an inch more to knit and then I can tie it off. 

Being under the weather is never a good thing, but sometimes it does keep you in one place long enough to finish a project. 

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