scenes from the day and into the night

How was your day? 

reminds me of christmas

ours involved a bit of organizing, which was happily interrupted for some winter fun. 


snow man making is the best when the snow is just right. 


sticky and wet.

so many feet

loads of fun for mumma and kids.


Lately the hubby and I have been taking evening walks after the kidlets head to bed.  We used to do this a fair amount before the girls arrived, when the boys were small.  It's an ideal time for us knowing that the children are safe and (almost all) snuggled in their beds while grandma keeps watch.  I love that we are rekindling familiar ways that allow us time for each other, time to connect.  

More than that I love that how the walk allows me to release the events of the day, both good and bad. 
At home it can be hard to finish a thought let alone a complete sentence, especially when 4 little people, so full of life and excitement, have so much to share.  

I am looking forward to sneaking out tonight for our evening stroll.  I'll be bundled warm while the brisk air wakens my mind, loosens my tongue and I revel in the safety of being with my best friend. 


  1. Your evening walks sound wonderful.

  2. I love that ritual, what a beautiful imagery you have painted in my mind.

  3. I can hardly wait until we can do that again too ... someday ...

  4. This is such a good idea. We used to walk in the evenings, too and haven't done it in years!
    Enjoy your evening walks.


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