f-all gone

The last of my fall photos to keep us warm as we settle into a new season of cold and, I can hardly say it, snow.  Oh how I am going to miss the warm days and being outside without layers of clothing to keep me warm.  Thank you mr. fall for staying so long and giving us so many wonderful colorful days, please do come again. 

fall days

I can't think of a better way to welcome in a season change than to have a party.  Coincidentally, we are hosting a few be-lated birthday celebrations tonight with a dinner & cake for my patient children; Miss A & Miss J who turned 4 in September and the J-man who is now 11.  

fall leaves

I'll be baking cakes and cooking all day so I should hardly notice the blanket of snow that is predicted to fall from the heavens today.  Until I have to shovel a path on our driveway for our guests tonight.  Hmm, maybe I can delegate mr. duckyhouse to do that?  Smart plan, very smart.  He shouldn't mind, I've been cracking the whip all week.  I'm
glad his skin is thick because he still loves me after I'm bossy with him.

doggie, I love

Here's another guy who loves me: my pooch, he needs a hair cut big time but beyond that I love my cute and furry, faithful friend.  

Stay safe and warm.   Happy weekend.  xoxo

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