wip the Juan scarf

I cracked open my Mirasol collection book to work on this scarf pattern.

hacho yellow browns..

I'm fairly certain this yarn, with shades of brown, green, yellow & muted orange, will go lovely with my brown winter jacket.  I have enough to complete a scarf, hat and perhaps even some fingerless gloves.  The only problem is I'm not enjoying the stitch in this pattern so the knitting is going excruciatingly slow.  The stitches are primarily a switch between knit and purl at different intervals over 12 rows.  

hacho the "juan scarf"

I can't quite figure out what it is about this pattern because it works up in a nice diagonal.   Perhaps it's just a case of stitch boredom?  I hate to put it that way as I'm still a long way off from the end.  I need some fresh love for "Juan" so that I can get this scarf done before winter ends.

Today is Remembrance Day here so the hubby is off work and we are heading to a family gathering to celebrate a few fall birthdays.  I'll take Juan with me and see if I can knock a few more rows off this evening.  Have a lovely day.  xoxo

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  1. the knitting is lovely, I am always impressed by anyone who can follow a pattern, I can just about manage row after row of plain knitting.xx


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