happy fall & halloween

The weather was incredibly beautiful yesterday.  We couldn't help but put everything on hold to go outside and enjoy the afternoon.   I haven't spent a lot of time outside with my camera over the past summer so it was lovely to stop at one of our favorite spots, stroll through the woods and take an endless supply of photos.  Good times.

:: tree huggers ::

happy fall 2008

:: fall fooling around ::

fall fooling around

:: fall grasshopper?? (does he know what is arriving any day now??) ::

fall grasshopper

:: fall shadows ::

fall shadows

:: fall sleeping ::

fall sleeping

Today promises to be a busier day as I finish up Halloween costumes in preparation for our evening celebration. The kids are looking forward to walking through a new neighborhood and meeting people we haven't had a chance to make acquaintance with yet.  By early evening we will return home for hot chocolate and snacks while I sort through their endless supply of sugar & tooth decay.  After that we will snuggle their daddy, give him gifts and wish him a very Happy Birthday as he so generously shares his day with so many other distracting events. But don't worry too much for him, we will be having a proper dinner and cake for him the next weekend.

Wishing you and yours a very safe, warm and Happy Halloween.


  1. can't wait to see photos!
    and please... what do i do with all of this candy?

  2. wish Paul a happy one for us! how did the bird costumes turn out? one year I had wanted to do the family theme with geese costumes and the whole time we were looking for costume inspiration Jack was hopping behind me saying bibbit bibbit... so we ended up all being frogs... easier costumes anyway!


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