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my miski

Me too! Sorry, but we've been sick here in these parts.  It all started with me, worked it's way through the line and has again, ended with me *sigh*, or perhaps it never really did leave me?  In that case I've been feeling blah with occasional bouts of okay-ness mixed in while care giving 4 edgy children.   As expected the reno work is at a standstill but there has been lots of this going on...

miski knitting

lovely, lovely Miski from the Mirasol collection, oh how soft you are.  I wish that my pillow was as soft as you.   You've been a wonderful companion.

I'll be doing more of this and maybe even some sewing this weekend...  Yes, I finally found the box that has kept my sewing machine hostage for the past 4 months.  I'm still looking for some tres important notions but I'm sure they will surface along with other missing items when I least expect it.  For now I am almost a bit giddy about the my new-to-this-house, old friend that I will dust off and speak kindly too all weekend.  Wish me luck and many productive moments *crossing fingers, toes & eyes..*

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  1. I really do need to knit at least one thing in my life.


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