It might be small...

...but it's all mine.

it's all mine

After 4 months of being in a box, my sewing machine has been found *cheering loudly* It and my computer have been relocated upstairs in the living room behind the couch. It's not a lot of space but it will be more than enough in the interim. The perks: I'm closer to the kitchen, I get to create while the littles ones read on the couch the next to me, and I get to sit by this lovely (real, oxygen producing) tree that was recently added to our home (it needed a new home as the office it was in is undergoing a major renovation, lucky me :)


  1. The last time I tried to sew while Jack read he accused me of not being a real teacher, because real teachers do not sew during class time. darn that public school system that he has never been to, why are they putting these ideas in his head!!!
    lots of people laid low yesterday. there were 4 people in Jacks gym class.
    yes I will keep trying to go. I put Phin in the care room and went in the pool with Eph. that was nice. Ana said we can join the class if I am staying with her.


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