circa 1978

Some exciting new changes that we've recently made in our renovation adventure:  lighting.  We've replaced the old with some updated styles that suite us much better.  I will no longer be staring at, what I have affectionately referred to as, "the trumpet" in my dining room which provided no light in the room at all.  This light was sort of like sitting at the dentist's chair, if you wanted to see anything you were eating or working on you had to be directly underneath it. 

affectionately referred to as the "trumpet"

Instead we now have an elegant chandelier that provides ample light for all our late night activities. 

dining room light fixture

Our entrance way chandelier was a plastic eyesore of monstrous proportions.  Each dangling piece of plastic reminded me of those huge acrylic key chains that were the rage in the 80's.  I never did own one of those but I'm wondering if I should keep them in case the style revives.  After all skinny pants, ballet shoes, & leg warmers have all returned. 

circa 1978...{{shudder}}

A close up for posterity's sake...{{shudder}}

acrylic out of control

Our new fixture is much simpler and follows the "less is best" philosophy.  It feels both romantic and gothic to me and reminds me of something you find in an old castle.   I wonder if the kids will try to swing from it when they get older? 

hall light fixture

The hubby was a real gem for hanging this one in our vaulted entrance way, especially when I told him to raise the height of it a couple of times. 

next day he kept trying to figure out why his back and neck were so
sore and I wasn't about to remind him...way too many more fixtures to
change in the house. 

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