That's what you get when you cross a need for skirts and knitting.

hello fall!

I really do have girly, girls.  Never thought I would, I was completely non-girly in the most definite way that I can remember.  I spent my years playing competitive sports and my shins were donned with oodles of bruises.  Perhaps a skirt or two were in my little girl past but I can't remember.

feeling red

I don't have a pattern for this one.  I knit it in the round so there are no seams and then increased stitches substantially toward the end to make the ruffle.  I was inspired by this leg warmer I was originally making way back when. 


As soon as I get the chance I will write up the pattern and perhaps even put it in a free pdf. download.  One of the nice things about this pattern is you will be able to customize the length of the skirt depending on the size you need. 

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