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I worked on a felt kit over the Christmas break which has me completely smitten with the outcome.  I realize that Christmas is over and talking about ornaments in March can be a little un-nerving, but bare with me as I indulge this little christmas crafting. And besides have you ever seen a cuter bunch of characters? How could I not work on this kit year round.


The kit is made by Bucilla and called Woodland Santa, it has since been retired but I'm sure if you look on ebay you should be able to find a kit.  At first glance when I opened the kit, it took a bit for me to get my mind around the instructions.  I'd say reading the instructions are just-a-bit-easier than a japanese sewing pattern.  With perseverance and an undying commitment to the uber-cute creatures, I pressed on and managed to get a grip on things. I am a crafter after all.


I started with the bear who seemed simple enough - same colour felt throughout has to be straight forward. Next up was the bunny - oh so sweet and then the toy soldier who was a little more challenging with his fancy uniform. 


I discovered a couple of things while embroidering:

1. don't cut too many pieces at once or it will whisk you into a fury of searching when pieces turn up missing.  Only to find that said missing pieces are stuck to your sweater - felt, right?

2. keep a few zip lock bags (or similar) on hand to keep cut pieces separate - don't forget to mark the bags.

3. create a thread pallet to keep all the threads organized and untangled.

4. entry level reading glasses may or may not be required for magnification when working with tiny little stitches and bead work - ahem.

and finally

5. kind of attached to the last point: good lighting is a must - need I say more?

bunny ♥

The last felt kit I completed was a stocking, pre-twins era, for my mum.  This will be good practice for me since along with the felt ornaments I purchase the woodland santa stocking kit for mr. duckyhouse, but shh don't tell him because it's a secret. and secrets I'm good at.


  1. Very, very cute! I have kits by them too. I took mine to California, but didn't get started. You have inspired me to get going on them. Maybe we could craft together:).

  2. They are adorable!! My twins came at nearly 32 weeks. how about yours?

  3. Thanks Kate and the girls came at 37 weeks.

  4. This felted teddy bear look so amazing i love it.

  5. I have to thank you for posting this note, my grandmother made each of her grandchildren one of these felt ornaments and attached it to each of our christmas gifts every year. She has since passed on, and it's been a small thing I have greatly missed the Christmas' she's been gone. I have tried numerous times to track down these kits with no success, so thanks to your note, I now know that Bucilla is the the copmany that makes them which will make tracking them done much easier. If all goes as planned I will be able to carry on the tradition for my family if not this christmas due to lack of time, then next. Thanks again, this really brightened my day.

  6. What a wonderful tradition to carry on in honour of your grandmother. It is so nice to have those sweet memories of loved ones that are no longer with us. Best wishes & thanks for stopping by!


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