...at my favourite thrift spot. It was sitting alone on the shelf - waiting to be loved. I thought it was too good to be true, surely it had to have a crack or something right? Nope not a scratch.

vintage puppy clock


It didn't even dawn on me to check to see if the clock actually worked until I got home. I wound it up and it began it's happily tick-tocking, which continues in my studio right now. It even has a functioning alarm but the little gold button that shuts the alarm off, is missing. No problem, until I find the replacement part, my paper clip is doing a fine job of keeping the alarm quiet.


I had the intention of putting this darling puppy clock in the girls' room when I finish decorating it, but I'm too enamoured right now to think about it so in my studio vintage puppy clock will stay. Safely on the shelf... sweet thrifted goodness.

close up

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