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Our indoor soccer season to came to an end on Wednesday evening. Ben, also known as the B-meister, (yes I've admitted his real name on the internet now that my hubby's last movie announced all the kids' names in the credits thus making aliases a moot point) played indoor soccer all winter long. The season lasts October to March and they went all the way to the b-side finals, yay!

he's like the wind

I wanted to make the day a little extra special and so cookies were in order for him and his team. We made sugar cookies and decorated them like soccer balls. Don't look to closely as my icing talents are not on par with martha & the like.  I need a lot more practice and while that is a good idea, it is not so good when watching your waist line - cookies with yummy icing need to be eaten afterall.

soccer cookies


As for the game, I'm really proud of my soccer boy, he has improved so much over the year. He played a good game and even scored the final goal of the season. Congratulations Ben!

one for the memories;


  1. Great job Ben! last goal of the season-SWEET! Jack would love to see a game or two next year.

  2. What an amazing mom you are - I think you did an exceptional job on the icing...I do not think I could do it that clean!

  3. Those cookies are fantastic!!

  4. I'll get to Ben to read this... thanks Tami :)

  5. thanks Patty-jean...the icing technique is called "flooding" and I think you would do an excellent job.


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