a wee bit'o play

a wee bit o' play

I spent some time over the weekend cutting into my American Jane fabric stash.  Appropriately named "wee play" this fabric is a throw back to days gone by.  Can I just say how much I love reproduction prints?  The quaint prints drum up visions of radio flyers, penny candies, playing by the fire hydrant and all things summer fabulous.  Completely therapeutic.

so many squares, so little time

I have been saving my pile of fat quarters for a day when my studio was complete but like a kid in a candy store I just couldn't wait any longer.  With rotary blade in hand I went to task cutting many little squares for my little self indulgent project that you are getting just a peak of.  I making steady progress, but as you can tell have a long way to go.  Sew many squares, so little time.

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