You know when you just have to have it?

broccoli quiche.

The idea pops in your head when plans, that involved spending the day outdoors were quickly thwarted by spew throw up from a couple of sick kids, suddenly change.  So it goes.  You head to the kitchen instinctively gathering items together to satisfy your pallet's cravings, saying a quick prayer that the recipe in question is not still packed in a box.  Yes, we have lived in this house for 7 months now and there are still a great many boxes unpacked - don't go there.    Ah, thank goodness it isn't in a box.  But something is still missing?!

broccoli quiche

Can't cook without it these days.  It's become a good friend.  Fills those long waits while the kids are in dance class, music lessons, film class, etc.  Also helps to quiet the kid house noise during a long winter.  Can't say enough either about the whole podcast-on-the-go thing, love it! 

broccoli quiche..

As for the quiche, it was rich in broccoli, mushrooms, kale & onions and oh so delicious, so much so a repeat was ordered the next day.  Yum!

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  1. Okay, we have to have the recipe. Makes me salivate just looking at the picture! The first thing Aaryn does when she gets up in the morning is take a look at your blog!
    Stay Warm,


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