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My eldest son J had his production round up last night with his theatre group.  They did 4 small plays which were about 8 minutes each.  This years focus has been Dr.Seuss and specifically they looked to this book for inspiration for their short skits.  The kids are involved in the entire dramatical production from inspiration to writing to acting.  J had been really nervous all week about the impending production, but he pushed through and did a great job along with the other children involved.  Here he is in action. 

New crafty/creative endeavors on my part have had to take a back seat in order to calm nerves & help J get ready for his big debut by finding appropriate costume attire.  I did however happen upon a few minutes to look at old photos of J & B when the boys were babes, the very best of my creative efforts :)   I've forgotten how small they were. 

It's hard to believe that they have changed so much, especially in the hair department.

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