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This badge is a beautiful site for my eyes.  My eldest ds J, after 4 years of swimming lesson dislike, many tears on his part, & long talks about water safety being non-negotiable, has embraced the water and has graduated to the next swimming level.  He is no longer an Otter but is now a Seal.  I am very proud of this humongous accomplishment and find it very blog worthy *clap, clap, clap*   A celebration is in order for this great feat.  He persevered and pushed through and now in his words: "loves swimming."   I am so happy for him.    


  1. Way to go J! And way to go mom for helping him over the 'hump' and the complaining and crying and whining to give him something that he loves.
    It's always hard for me to decide how hard to push if they don't like something ... however, like you, swimming lessons are non-negotiable

  2. Congrats to J! T, I don't know how you handled all the cries and whines! I would probably lock myself ni the closet with my fingers in my ears in a fetal position going "la la la, I can't hear you, la la la la!"
    I so need a mom's day out, tell me, is there really such a thing?


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