weekend widow wants waffles

Okay the title is bizarre I admit but I'll explain.  My dh travels at least once a month and it usually happens over the weekend.  This weekend he was in Fargo with a couple of friends talking over some business ideas.  I don't have many details, I'm not sure I want any.  I like him to just do what he needs to do with minimal interference from me.  Perhaps I like it that way because that is the same freedom I thrive in.  Anyway, Sunday is waffle day and true to form the kids woke me up with one request "we want waffles for breakfast."  I love making homemade waffles, I pretty much love homemade anything, but homemade waffles, hot and fresh off the grill are the best.  Yummy. 

The kids love them too.  Once they tasted homemade versus store bought they were instant converts.

As for the rest of day, my dh is now safely home (he left Friday) and we are heading out to our friends 40th birthday party.  I spent yesterday evening busily working on her gift.  These are the fabrics I chose for the tote I made for her.

I'll put pics up of the finished product later when I get the chance.  It turned out really nice.  Until then, have a great day!

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  1. We love homemade waffles at our house too!!! Your's look yummy. I'll be looking forward to seeing the bag you made. Your fabric choices are wonderful.


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