my list grows longer

I have a list of projects to do (in my head) that seems to grow longer each day.  I'm hoping to start checking off a few items, but I get so distracted throughout the day with the wee ones.  Days when I have an hour to tackle a project or two, end up falling prey to child-like requests "mum, can you make some cookies?"  or "mum, can we read this..." or "mum, can we..."   It's all good, and they are so very hard to say "no" to at times.

But for commitment sake, I want to start tackling some of the immediate things on my list before they aren't needed anymore.  In no particular order:

*make the girls' spring jackets;
*make the girls' dresses;
*make my skirt;
*finish the remaining smocks (March 18th - one down :)
*I really want to make my mum some new pillow covers for her couch (she doesn't like the ones it came with).  I'm liking the feel of this retro fabric, and for contrast these stripes, or  this and maybe this, maybe even a bit of it all.  She would definately dig the brightness of all.  While I'm at it I should make her some matching placemats for her coffee tables.  Her birthday is in April so I had better order some fabric tout de suite.

Phew, now that those items are off my brain, perhaps I can start working on them. 

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