goodness in the mail

That's the best description as to what arrived in my post yesterday. 

I found a must have Mom & Girl Natural Clothes & Goods Japanese craft book on eBay last month, it's on the right hand side of the picture.  I was also looking for the handmade cafe book (see picture on left) which the seller was able to locate for me with no problem.  I can't wait to try out a few items, in due time of course as I need to tackle a few projects on my list.  Just what I needed more distractions ;)
I'm loving the look of these outfits:


Everything is so fresh and summer like, simple and beautiful.   

Hope your weekend is full of simple, beautiful things too. 


  1. Interesting mag! I never thought of checking stuff like that out on ebay. I sort of banned myself from it for a while. I was getting a little carried away with stamps and such. I did, however get a nice little collection of stamps and have organized my "inventory" into seasonal. I've also organized my "sayings and verses" into categories as well so it's all easy to find when I'm looking for something specific. I'm a little anal with organizing. I'm going bonkers because our basement still has yet to be put back together since we got the carpet. AARRGGGGGG! Oh well, nothing to get my panties in a bunch over! LOL

  2. I LOVE these! The magazines look soooooo cool. You just make me want to start sewing for my girls. Bigger girls are just less fun to sew for though. But dresses and my girls walk hand in hand. I think I neeed to get my crafting mojo going.

  3. Karla, Japanese craft magazines are the best - beware *lol* I only buy when I have cash in my paypal account from my own ebay sales. Organizing is fun, enjoy it while you can.
    Monica, you would love these magazines. They are inspirational. If you girls like dresses that is a great place to start. I don't know what to say about the crafting mojo. Mine still has not returned to where I would like it. I think & read about it more than I do it.


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